Lonna’s Story



(Sapientia Est Potentia)

Lonna Marie Anderson has worked in natural medicine and holistic lifestyle support for the past 13 years. She received first hand experience and education working in the natural food industry as a Nutritional Advisor and Wellness Counselor at places like Wholefoods, Common Market and MOM’s, as well as Knowles Apothecary and Wisdom Path Healing Center in the DC/metro area.

She is widely versed in a vast array of holistic modalities and resources, both locally and globally to gradually attain a more balanced lifestyle. She has an extensive background and education in research related to the fields of nutrition, herbs and supplementation, raw food energetics, exercise, empathy and emotional intelligence, transpersonal astrology, as well as a special personal history and in-depth study and research into Neurological Lyme Disease, which she herself was diagnosed with in early 2000.

Lonna studied Child/Adolescent Psychology, with a minor in Family and Consumer Sciences at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV shortly after graduating high school in 2002. During this time she got involved with Shepherd’s Progressive Action Committee and learned much about grassroots organizing and activism, as well as helping to create small town business models with active participation in novel small scale sustainable community projects. She also participated and apprenticed on a couple small organic farms and CSA’s, Eating With the Seasons CSA & Evening Song Farms, in and around the area supplying the local restaurants with organic micro-greens and veggies: farm to table.

Shortly thereafter, a reinfection with Lyme sent her out of partial remission and into dealing with severe symptoms of chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. Dropping out of college and quitting her 3 part-time jobs in the business community she loved and learned so much from had become a part of the sacrifice to focus on getting well. She began to thoroughly question concepts of health and wellness in the 21st century, her own and the society she was brought up in.

In the 4 years it took to move through and participate in her own Lyme infection/initiation healing process and coming close to death on at least 2 separate occasions, she learned much about herself, her inner emotional nature and that connection to her own body, and why living in balance and taking responsibility for her own health and happiness was the only way she was going to stay well. She took this time to go into solitude and work on improving herself mind, body and soul, and decided to go back to school eventually become a Naturopathic Doctor, specializing in Neurological Lyme Disease.

Lonna completed her Bachelors Degree in Health Arts & Sciences and graduated in August 2012. She has also attended the Global College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA for her Nutritional Consultant Certificate.

She currently lives in Seattle, Washington with her son River and her cat, Johanna, both the best traveling companions!

Lonna’s loves include: her son-River, her cat-Johanna, reading and books, traveling across the country, running, lucid dreaming, pot-luck dinners with friends-family & community members, experiential learning, learning from others, new experiences, sharing knowledge and wisdom, remaining open, rewiring the brain for conscious evolutionary processes, helping to cooperate and adapt to build strong community ties, eating fresh organic fruits and veggies, grooving into the creative process, learning patience, self-understanding and awareness, practicing astrology and thinking about the stars..


Lyme Disease: A Biological Catalyst For A Great Awakening: https://thyme2heallyme.wordpress.com


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